KlopTarts for the Holidays

KlopTart Horse Treats KlopTarts are handmade horse and pony treats that are easily made in 45 minutes. You will need an electronic mixing bowl, a couple rubber spatulas, a large rolling board and rolling pin, cookie sheet and drying rack. Recipe makes 12 biscuits! Biscuit Ingredients / Cooking Temps  2 C Flour  1 T cinnamon  3/4 C molasses In mixer bowl combine flour and cinnamon first and then add in molasses slowly until dough becomes sticky. Pour dough onto cutting board, spreading flour out prior (lots of it 1/4 C) so dough doesn't stick. Depending on your climate or oven a good cooking temp ranges from 325c to 350c for 30 minutes or more for a crunchier biscuit. As you begin to make these more often, for storage purposes the biscuit becomes sticky if you box it in a plastic container. They are best stored in cardboard boxes or just in open air. Another variation in the baking is the size of the biscuit itself. The dough should be 1/4in. thick when rolled